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  1. 2019 Prestatyn Flower Show Competition Class Information VEGETABLES, FRUIT AND HERBS 3 Bulbs of Garlic 1 Green Cabbage any variety, with at least 2" (5cm) of root 3 Carrots with 3" (8cm) foliage. 3 Beetroot with 3" (8cm) foliage. Dish of 5 tomatoes. The heaviest truss of tomatoes. 6 pods of broad beans. 6 pods of peas. Collection of home grown culinary herbs (clearly labeled). Dish of 5 Potatoes. A Cucumber. A salad collection of 5 varieties. Space 2' x 1' 3" (60cm x 38cm). A model of a monster vegetable for adults 3 Onions 6 Runner Beans. The longest runner bean. 3 Courgettes A basket or trug containing a minimum of 5 varieties of fruit and/or vegetables max size 2' x 2' (60cm x 60cm) Junior Class 8-16yrs A basket or trug containing a minimum of 5 varieties of fruit and/or vegetables max size 2' x 2' (60cm x 60cm) Dish of soft fruit any variety. Local Gardener Class An arrangement of between 3 and 6 species of vegetables and/or fruit of your choice and a vase of flowers in a box not exceeding 2' x 1' 6" (60cm x 45cm) Any vegetable not in schedule. FLOWERS AND HERBACEOUS CLASSES See Regulation 12 Bowl of Roses. Vase of roses not less than 3 varieties. Vase of 3 roses, any colour. 3 specimen stems miniature roses any variety 1 specimen stem floribunda roses any variety 1 Specimen rose, any colour. Vase of mixed cut flowers. Vase of one species excluding shrubs. Vase of mixed flowering shrubs Largest diameter Hydrangea head. Vase of Carnations or Pinks. Vase of 12 Sweet Peas. Vase of 3 spikes of Gladioli. Vase of Dahlias. 1 Orchid. 1 Fuchsia in flower, excluding standards 1 standard Fuchsia. 1 Pelargonium / Geranium any variety 1 specimen Cactus/Succulent A Collection of 3 Cacti or Succulents in a container 1 Hanging Basket or Pot up to 18" (40cm) in diameter. 1 Hanging Basket or Pot up to 8" (20cm). 1 Patio Container, any size. Any plant not in schedule. FLORAL ART “A Celebration” An elaborate design using flowers with or without accessories in a space of 2' x 2' (61cm x 61cm) “Take 5 Flowers” using flowers with or without accessories in a space of 2' x 2' (61cm x 61cm) “Don't Fence Me In” An arrangement using Foliage with or without accessories in a space of 2' x 2' (61cm x 61cm) A miniature exhibit of fresh material not exceeding 4" x 4"x 4" (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) FLORAL ART NOVICE CLASS “Novice” see regulation 5 “A Novice Table Decoration suitable for a 25th Anniversary” An arrangement using flowers with or without accessories in a space of 18"x 18" (45cm x 45cm) An arrangement in an unusual container using flowers with or without accessories not exceeding 12" x 12” (30cm x 30cm) JUNIOR CLASSES see regulation 4 7 years and under A decorated wooden spoon. An alien (model made from vegetables) A vase of paper flowers made from recycled materials. Miniature garden on a standard seed tray 9.5" by 15" (24cm x 38cm). A rubbing of something in the garden. 8 to 11 years Design a birthday card for one of the family Miniature garden on a standard seed tray 9.5" by 15" (24cm x 38cm). A decorated pebble 3 decorated cupcakes Design and build a bug box An animal made from an egg box or egg tray An alien (model made from vegetables) 12 years and over 3 decorated cupcakes Unframed, untitled photograph titled “In Silhouette”. Max size 7" x 5" (Entries in by 19th July 2019) Please note the Junior Class basket or Trug 8-16 years Class 19 DOMESTIC CLASSES 5 Fruit scones on a plate. Traditional Victoria sandwich cake (6ozs flour, 6ozs sugar, 6ozs of butter and 3 eggs). Jar of home made jam (to include waxed disc) Jar of home made marmalade (to include waxed disc) Jar of chutney A Battenburg A chocolate cake simply decorated A traditional Bara Brith in a loaf tin 5 Macaroons A small hand made loaf of bread ‘Star Baker’ - Do you have the inspiration and skill to be a Star Baker? The display to tempt the judges will include five elements - A fruit scone, a slice of cake, a macaroon, a biscuit and a pastry or small pie. Accessories and display materials may be used to enhance the exhibit. All items must be clearly labelled in a space 60cm x 40cm with no height restrictions. CRAFTS See regulation 6 A piece of creative embroidery or beadwork Any sample of patchwork A knitted garment A crochet item A cross-stitch picture. An article in wood or metal A decorated cushion - any medium - not exceeding 18 ins square A rag doll An item of needle felting with a garden theme. "500 Words" - An amusing story about My First Car using 500 words. BEST GARDEN The best private rear garden within 3 miles of the Town Centre, Prestatyn Wales in Bloom Front Garden Competition (Closing date for both 8th July 2019) ALLOTMENT COMPETITION Allotment holders, both individual and community within 3 miles radius of Prestatyn Town Centre, are invited to enter their plots in the inaugural Prestatyn Flower Show Allotment Competition. Vegetables, Vegetables and Fruit or Vegetables, Fruit and companion Flower planting - all are welcome. Entries by 8th July 2019 GARDEN PHOTO COMPETITION (See also class 66) “Something in the Air” taken this summer in your garden/allotment, not to exceed 40 square inches (260 sq cm) e.g. 7" x 5" Photos to be unmounted and untitled. Entries to Show Secretary by 19th July 2019 BUSINESS IN BLOOM Shops and Offices. Public Houses, Clubs and Nursing Homes. Holiday Camps (Entrances and Reception) CLASSIC CARS The best judged motor vehicle Pre-war up to 1939 The best judged motor vehicle Post-war up to (1945-1960) The best judged motor vehicle Classic up to (1961-1975) BEST PLANT STALL Best Plant Stall at Show JUDGES Flowers and Vegetables Mr. J Edwards Herbs & School /Community Group Miss P. Burne-Jones Junior classes Mrs. B Newell & Miss P. Burne-Jones Domestic Classes Mrs. J. Cook & Mrs. C. Squire Crafts Mrs. V. Harrison-Jones, Jenny Pritchard & Keith Millward Allotment Competition The Mayor of Prestatyn & Meliden & Miss J. Espley Garden Photo Competition Mr. C. Porteous Business in Bloom The Mayor of Prestatyn & Meliden Classic Cars Mr. R Newby Best Garden Miss J. Espley & Mrs. J. Richards Floral Art Mrs. R. Roberts
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