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Prestatyn Flower Show

Website Information and Guidelines


Updated: 27th May, 2018

Our website exists primarily to provide a professional and informative platform upon which to promote Prestatyn's annual Flower Show and we intend this to be a friendly place for visitors to enjoy!

Like all such responsible websites, we provide Policies and Guidelines which exist to make sure that you know what you can expect from us when using our website and services, to reduce any possible confusion and to make sure you know what we expect from you, in return for using our service.


Please read our guidelines carefully!

Our Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at all times, and should be considered to all reasonable intents and purposes, binding. You agree to comply with our policies at all times.


Website Staff

Our aim is to provide a harmonious and fun environment to discuss and learn more about Prestatyn Flower Show. Our website staff (also known as Moderators and Administrators) help to moderate, safeguard and improve our website and facilities.


User Accounts

Visitors and Guests (non-registered Members) are welcome to use and browse Prestatyn Flower Show without an account, however a validated, registered user account is required to post comments, replies etc and to make use our websites's more advanced features. Incomplete accounts are removed after 7 days. Unused accounts are removed after 3 years, personal data is removed and public content made anonymous or removed.

Registration is free, quick and easy!

IMPORTANT: You must register with a correct, legitimate email address to which you have access so that we can filter out known or suspected automated or human spam accounts, and so that you can reply to our validation email and therefore be approved as a genuine account.

Notifications and emails

Should you wish, you can opt-in or out at any time to receive content notifications via your email address or via our website, or both.

Notifications are used to advise you of replies to followed content or comments, new content and PM (Personal Messages) if you have communicated with staff or other Members.

You can opt-in or out these facilities should you wish, at any time in your Account Settings/Notifications dashboard.

You can also opt-in to receive occasional newsletter type emails and if you follow/subscribe to content you will receive an email notification letting you know that the content or comment you are watching has received a reply.

For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Our Rules and Guidelines

We have implemented the following common-sense guidelines and rules for using our website and community software. They are designed to strike a balance between our main goal, promoting Prestatyn Flower Show and its related subject matter, and keeping the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of our website.

We reserve the right at any time to edit, amend, add to or discontinue our Rules and Guidelines, Terms of Service etc.

  1. Everyone's opinion is welcome. We require that all comments and content be polite, respectful, fair, UK law abiding and constructive.

  2. Discrimination. There will be no racial, physical, ethnic, sexual or gender based insults or any other personal discriminations.

  3. There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive, troublesome or inflammatory. There will be no 'flame-baiting' or 'troll-like' behaviour.

  4. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem potentially harmful, non-conducive, illegal, inappropriate or disruptive. We as the website owners reserve the right to decide what is acceptable, on-topic or off-topic.

  5. Having fun is good, we all like fun! We do not censor reasonable opinions or ideas on our website but we do take action at our discretion against content and/or comments that could cause offence, unrest or that which we perceive to contravene our policies.

  6. You may not make personal attacks on other users or staff, either in public, comments, by email or via personal messages.

  7. No profanity, please! It is unprofessional and unwanted. We have word filters in place for the many terms of profanity and bad language. Circumventing our content filters is not permitted.

  8. You may not advertise or promote other services, companies, communities or organisations or their facilities which may be deemed as competing with or to the detriment of Prestatyn Flower Show.

  9. We reserve the right to use the tools and facilities which our website provides to protect against the spread of malware, those who violates our guidelines or attempt to disrupt our community. We will be fair.

  10. We reserve the right to remove or modify our features, services or to fully close this website down. No guarantee or warranty is suggested or provided beyond your lawful, statutory rights.

  11. If you have a concern regarding our website, policies or staff, please contact us. Members of staff such as Moderators and Administrators are highlighted in the Staff list or you can use emails or contact forms. We will take all feedback, genuine concerns and complaints seriously, and will do our best to resolve any disputes fairly, where necessary and as appropriate.

  12. Spamming (posting or sending unsolicited or unwanted content and communications) is not permitted; please keep all your comments friendly and as constructive as possible. 

  13. Illegal and unwanted content. Pornography, illegal copies or downloads of retail products, movies, music, television, software or any other illegal transactions may NOT be discussed, posted or linked to in any shape or form.

  14. Submitted Content. All public posts and content (text, images, multi-media etc) that you may submit, supply or have supplied is considered your responsibility. Once submitted, public content may be retained or removed at the discretion of our website staff even if you choose to no longer use our website or your Membership is removed. When you provide any public content of any nature, such content is deemed free to store or use at any time, in any way by this website unless agreed otherwise.

  15. Please do not submit content which you do not own without first crediting the owner/website and where necessary obtain the required permission. Content may be deleted or edited for any reasons Staff, Administrators and Moderators deem reasonable. We are not responsible for and do not lay claim in any way to external or user contributed public content or intellectual property.

  16. Signatures. Post signatures may contain a few lines of text or non-offensive images, but should not be any larger than is deemed reasonable.

  17. Comments and Replies. Remember the difference between Replying and Quoted Replying. Using the Quoted Reply button instead of the normal Reply button will include a quote of the original post in with your reply and this may be unsightly or unnecessary. 

  18. Content Moderation. If content is recognised as being posted in the wrong area, or if the post is a violation of our guidelines then please contact a moderator either via PM or the 'Report' feature; please do not respond publicly to the member - a member of Staff will do what is required upon contact.

  19. Copyrighted Material. Removal requests of Copyrighted or Trademarked material will be considered and where necessary or agreed, complied with as soon as possible, within a reasonable time frame. We operate this website is good faith and respect the copyright of others at all times where legitimate. Such requests should be addressed to the website staff via our contact page

  20. Disruptive users who fail to comply with our Rules and Guidelines or Terms of Service may be warned on up to three occasions at the discretion of our Staff, or may receive an immediate removal and possible ban from this website and its domain/s. Alternatively we may opt to pre-approve further content before it appears at our discretion.

  21. You agree at all times, now and in the future not to post or transmit defamation of character, infringement of rights, impersonate, commit fraud or deceit, not to make use of others to achieve the prior, or conduct such or similar activities on behalf of another party to achieve such goals. 


Violation of any of these rules will result in actions determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of our website staff.

Thank you.

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