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    National Gardening Week was launched seven years ago by the RHS and aims to become the country’s biggest celebration of gardening. Thousands of people, gardens, charities, retailers, culture and heritage organisations and groups have got involved over the years and you can too. In 2018 at the RHS, National Gardening Week is all about sharing your passion for plants. At our four RHS Gardens, we will be running activities and events which will inspire and help gardeners, including creative ideas, tips and suggestions for plants to grow indoors and outdoors. Visit the National Gardens Week website for some suggestions if you’d like to get involved in 2018.
  3. Spring Bank Holiday

    Spring Bank Holiday
  4. Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

    Public holiday in: Scotland
  5. New Year's Day

    New Year's Day
  6. Remembrance Sunday

    Remembrance Sunday
  7. Easter Monday (regional holiday)

    Public holiday in: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
  8. Easter Sunday

    Easter Sunday
  9. St Patrick's Day observed (Northern Ireland)

    Public holiday in: Northern Ireland
  10. St Patrick's Day (Northern Ireland)

    Public holiday in: Northern Ireland
  11. Summer Bank Holiday (regional holiday)

    Public holiday in: England, Wales, Northern Ireland
  12. 2nd January (Scotland)

    Public holiday in: Scotland
  13. St. David's Day (Wales)

    Public holiday in: Wales
  14. Boxing Day

    Boxing Day
  15. St Andrew's Day (Scotland)

    Public holiday in: Scotland
  16. Halloween

  17. Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland)

    Public holiday in: Northern Ireland
  18. St Andrew's Day observed (Scotland)

    Public holiday in: Scotland
  19. Daylight Saving Time starts

    Daylight Saving Time starts
  20. Daylight Saving Time ends

    Daylight Saving Time ends
  21. St. George's Day

    St. George's Day
  22. Guy Fawkes Day

    Guy Fawkes Day
  23. Good Friday

    Good Friday
  24. Early May Bank Holiday

    Early May Bank Holiday
  25. Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
  26. Liberation Day (regional holiday)

    Public holiday in: Guernsey, Jersey
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