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  1. Planting in the garden

    Plants will provide changing colours, shapes and character to your garden throughout the year.


    Planting trees and shrubs

    Trees and shrubs provide height, so give an extra dimension to your garden. With careful selection they can also provide colour for seasonal interest throughout the year whether with flowers, fruit, autumn leaves or winter silhouettes.

    Select the right size and number of trees to fit with the size of your garden, bearing in mind the mature height and spread. Look to have one or two trees in a small to medium garden. Too many trees or potentially large trees may outgrow their space.

    Which trees and shrubs are best for my garden?

    Take a look at the RHS' comprehensive guide to looking after garden trees and shrubs and see their list of suitable plants for different locations. These links will take to the RHS website.


    Industrial/built-up areas

    Badly drained soil

  2. 8FE3314C-3808-4C37-B27E-B01637053451.jpeg

    Here are some regularly used gardening terms and definitions, courtesy of the experts at the RHS...

    Annual - a plant that completes its life cycle (germination, flowering, seeding, dying) in one growing season

    Breaking bud - the stage of growth when a bud bursts through the protective bud scales

    Broadcast sowing - scattering seeds evenly over the ground rather than in furrows or drills

    Contact weedkiller - a weedkiller that kills by direct contact

    Deciduous - describes plants that shed leaves at the end of the growing season and renew them at the beginning of the next

    Drill - a narrow, straight furrow in the soil in which seeds are sown or seedlings planted

    Evergreen - describes plants that retain most of their leaves throughout the year

    Foliage - leaves

    Germination - the physical and chemical changes that take place as a seed starts to grow and develop into a plant

    Hardy - able to withstand year-round climatic conditions including frost, without protection

    Medium - a growing mixture or other material in which plants may be grown

    Organic matter - composts or similar materials derived from plant material

    Perennial - any plant living for at least three years (annual = 1 year, biennial = 2 years)

    Rootball - the roots and accompanying soil when a plant is removed from a container or lifted from the ground

    Rosette - a cluster of leaves radiating from approximately the same point, often at ground level

    Seedling - a young plant that has developed from a seed

    Systemic / translocated weedkiller - a weedkiller that is absorbed and distributed through a plant when applied to leaves

    Tilth - a fine crumbly surface layer of soil produced by cultivation

  3. Dogs are welcome within the grounds of the Flower Show but should be kept on a lead and under control at all times, especially in the presence of children. 

    Dogs are not be permitted within any tents, with the exception of guide dogs. If unsure, please ask our staff on site.

    The event is located within a private residential property and the owners graciously allow us to host the event within their gardens. 

    Please also remember to properly dispose of any personal litter (or pet waste).  Thank you.

  4. Yes, each year we publish a brochure guide which is available to download from our website or obtain at the entrance to the event. The Prestatyn Flower Show brochure contains much of the information published on our website including a Programme of Events, which is updated annually and available to view here in our Visitor Information section:


  5. The annual Prestatyn Flower Show is located in Prestatyn town centre more or less in the centre of the High Street, within the grounds of the former vicarage which is now a private residence named Cerrig Llwydion.

    For further details including a map and directions, please see our Where To Find Us page in the Visitor section:



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